Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Putrid or Perfumed

Luke 10:38-42
What does she think she's doing
Just sitting at Jesus' feet
While I am cooking and stewing
And wishing had a seat

The list in my head lengthens
Too much to be done!
And silent resentment strengthens:
When will have fun???

A hissing pot, a nasty smell
My dinner's up in smoke!
Veins in my temples start to swell
And words come up my throat!

"Lord, dost thou not care that my sister
Hath left me to serve alone?
Bid her therefore that she help me."
The Selfish Stench full-blown

* * * * *

John 11:1-12:9
Once I sat at Your feet to listen
Yet hadn't truly heard
But when Your teardrops glistened
My blind heart saw Your Word

My unbelief at my brothers tomb
I admit in humble shame
I silently offer a costly perfume
To honor Your Holy Name

You told of Your Father's Glory
The love You came to share
The sweet Salvation Story
And Cross that you must bear

I cherish this gift You freely gave
My selfish life dethrone
 I testify of your empty grave
Fragrance of Faith full-grown

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