Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Dirty Oven

A little nicked on the outside
    But looking fairly clean
But, O! The mess we find inside
     When we look in the dark unseen
The grease has splattered here and there
     And burned to a blackened crisp
Smoke billows out the air vents
     With stinky, puffy wisps

When God's Word has been neglected
     And my daily time in prayer
My focus falls from Jesus' face
     Yet I am not aware
Sin dirties up my living
     It burdens me with care
I do not see temptation
     And fall to Satan's Snare

It took some time and "elbow grease"
     To get my oven clean
But now a daily spray and swipe
     Will keep a glowing sheen
My sin-sick heart by God's Great Grace
     Has also been relieved
I'm trusting in the Blood of Christ
     His promises received

A Quiet Place, Sweet Fellowship
     With my Saviour, Lord, and Friend
Will be the time to die to self
     And problems to amend
Open every part of me
     To Jesus' Sweet Control
May I reflect His Glory in
     My face and in my soul

I John 1:9
Psalm 51

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Perfect Salvation!

Just because salvation is possible does not mean that everyone receives it--it must be a personal choice--I choose Jesus.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Meditation on Psalm 143

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are a Faithful Father
Always doing what is best for your children

I am a Wayward Child
Prone to listen to the roar of the Adversary

He roars
My inborn sinfulness
My broken helplessness
My bitter hopelessness

And I sink in
My own dark selfishness

 The Adversary provokes me sore
His frightful roaring is true
But only partly so
And a partial "truth" is a total lie

Your Perfect Truth is found in Jesus

Your Holy Spirit draws my gaze to see
His Cross and Empty Tomb
For my cleansing His blood and death
Conquers sin's hurt and doom
The Resurrected Spotless Lamb
By faith I have received
 Resting in Your Faithful Word
I will never live deceived!

 You have erased my shamefulness!
You replaced it with Your comeliness!
You have banished my fearfulness!
You give confidence in Your Worthiness!

O LORD, You are Worthy!

Of my trust!
Of my service!
Of my deepest love!

Teach me the Way of Thy lovingkindness
Strengthen me to proclaim the Greatness of Thy Goodness
Chasten me to keep the Path of Uprightness

Let Your Victory be noised abroad!
 You have bruised the head of the Adversary
 And there is no place found for him!

May you always receive
The Glory!
The Honor!
The Majesty!
 For Your Precious Name's Sake!