Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Seated in Mercy

Seated in Mercy

The chair was inviting me with open arms

“Come, sit, rest here!  Give me all your pain and harms
I will hold you and comfort from fear’s alarms.”

My faith was so very small—
Would it hold me or would I fall?

My heart decided to give it a test
I truly needed the promised rest
It held me up! I felt so blessed!
The chair was solid—the very best!

With confidence growing…

I sit in the chair
Enjoying His care

I stand on the chair
Willing to dare

I stretch from the chair
Trying to share

His faithfulness proven
His hope glorious
His lovingkindness raising me
To reach high places of faith
Far beyond my wildest dreams

based on Phil. 1:6, I John 5:13, Matthew 9
Romans 3:24-25 (propitiation =mercy seat in Greek)

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I  choose  this  day  to  serve  the
            LORD  my   Shepherd!

Letting  Him  lead  in  waters
            Still  or  crashing

Following  in  the  valley  deep
            Or  mountain  high

Trusting  His  protection from
            Any  foe  or  death’s  shade

Seeking  direction  for  the  future
            In  His  right paths

Accepting  His  healing  oil  for
            Broken  soul and  wounded  heart

Rejoicing  in  an  over-flowing  cup
            His  great  goodness  and   tender  mercy

Dwelling  with  Him—in His  own  house
            Now  and  forever!  AMEN!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The LORD is Good!

Psalm 34:8
O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

        Trying new foods can be a huge adventure.  Something like vanilla can smell very good but taste very bad.  God wants us to ‘taste Him.  At first it may seem unfamiliar—you may need to acquire a taste for the things He loves.  He never tricks us like the vanilla—His very character is holiness.

        We are told to “see”.  This may be difficult at times because we live in a dark world.  Sometimes we choose to close our eyes to the truth of God’s Word.  We need God’s vision and a willingness to seek Him.  Pray that He will open your eyes to understand.

        Do you know that the “LORD is good”?  James 1 tells us that God cannot do evil.  Do we blame God for circumstances caused by others?  Do we want things that may not be good for us? Do I really know what is good for me?  He will never withhold something that is good for me.

        “Good” in this verse has some awesome definitions: Beautiful, best, favor, glad, kind, loving, gracious, joyful, pleasure, sweet, welfare!  I want to be looking to Jesus—that way I won’t miss the good!

        I like to talk!  The word “trusteth” in this verse has two meanings.  The first means to confide. It has always been easier for me to look for a person with “skin on” to use as a confidant. God does use people in our lives, but God wants to be that first person to whom we turn.  He is the one with infinite understanding (Ps. 147:5-6a) He knows exactly who am I, how I feel, and what I need.

        The other meaning of the word “trusteth” is to run to for refuge. When evil comes into my life, I need to seek God’s protection.  His words can comfort, strengthen, and heal. 

        I find that it is very humbling and exciting to know that the God of Creation wants to be the one in whom I confide.  He gave His life for this relationship with me—why would I think anyone could love or understand me better than He does?