Wednesday, May 21, 2014


"Jump," He said, "I will catch you."

My Daddy was so very strong,
But what if something should go wrong?
What if this time He should miss?
Could I take a chance like this?

"Jump," He said again, "Trust me."

I chose to take Him at His Word
Finding all my doubts absurd
So much better than I'd dreamed of
Caught in His strong arms...
                                                  With love.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

His Amazing Grace!

The Package invited me to peek
But would it hold what I really seek
I shook the box and listened close
I hoped for what I wanted most

Other boxes had frilly bows
And shiny paper that seemed to glow
Each new gift I'd gladly try
Each disappointment made me cry

Finally deciding to take a look
I found inside God's Holy Book
Reading there the Gospel story
How Jesus came to earth from Glory

A gentle Shepherd seeking the sheep
Binding the broken, healing the weak
Always calling the names of the lost
Shedding His blood to pay sin's cost

I found this box was very deep
The Truth within it made me weep
Loving me at my very worst
Bearing, Himself, life's cruel hurts

No disappointments found inside
Only His grace and mercy wide
Calling on His Holy Name
My life will never be the same!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Living Water!

Tumbling downward
 Deeper yet Deeper
Washing and Refreshing
 Cooling and Satisfying
 Seeking the Lowest Point
Totally filling the Empty Places

 Given freely
 Accepted gratefully
 Poured into the Parched Ground
Swelling the seed
Growing the plant
Producing the fruit in season

 Sometimes a peaceful calm
Singing sweet Music
Sometimes a life-changing storm
Uncovering Hidden Treasure
 Always my soul's deepest need.
Holding me up

Dear Heavenly Father,
Immerse me in this Water.
May I become invisible
 In the bright reflection
 Of Your Son's Light.

John 4:14