Tuesday, July 30, 2013



Doing what is right in mine own eyes
Looking at the "In-Between"
Inside is Outside
And upside down


Trusting in the LORD with all my heart
Finding a fresher, fuller focus
Outside holds inside
And down goes up


Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Sonata

The Sonata

With eagerness awaiting the opening chord,
Our instruments in tune and facing forward.
Audience hushed,
Excitement reigns.
All ears trained toward

The Sonata

This particular piece is difficult and long
Three mighty movements in one special song
With heart beat raised
I lift my gaze
To focus firmly upon

The Maestro

He stands and waves his white baton
Melody and harmony play and run
Happy children
Skipping and dancing
'Til the first movement finds

It's ending 

 The joyful sounds were soon replaced
A minor key sang sorrows embraced
Tears and timing
All as planned
Work that is guided by the

Maestro's hand

The second movement finally done
But the third is not yet begun
So silent now
Trusting God's Will
I practice patience and

Being still

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Music of Your Hands!

Sweet Little Red Bird

The beauty hidden in a tree
A singer and his whistled tune
His presence heard but yet unseen

Your feathers, I know, have a crimson hue
And though you have a much higher view
How I wish that you would appear on cue! 

Dear Heavenly Father

For faith's substance I humbly pray
Tho' Promised Things seem far away
Proof of Your plans appear delayed  

Your truth is known by faith alone
Your eyes see miracles yet unshown
Your voice will still my heart's deep moan

And when I can’t see your hands
I know you are at work
Because in the quiet of my heart

I Hear Your Music!