Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Principles

The Principles

The coach looked at his players

As they huddled all around

There were no happy faces

The ball lay on the ground

“Get your heart back in it

Believe it can be done

This is where the playing starts

And here the vict’ry’s won”

“Get your head into the game

Think on your next move

Work each play as I designed

Each time you will improve”

“Get your hands up in the air

Watch out for all their tricks

Pay attention—do your job

No work some loss inflicts”

We, too may seem defeated

When Satan wins a round

But the Game is not yet over

‘Til we hear the trumpet sound

So listen to the coaching

Then get back in the game

For God will do great wonders

As we glorify His Name

Friday, April 5, 2019

What A Word Is This

What a Word is This

What a Word is this!

That calms men’s hearts

Yet puts the enemy to flight

What a Word is this!

With great Authority

That rescues from sin’s plight

What a Word is this!

Who made the mountains grand

And spread the sea shore sand

What a Word is this!

Revealing God to man

Exposing each command

What a Word is this!

Speaking “Peace, be still”

Enfolding us in God’s Will

What a Word is this!

To guard our steps today

Lead in the Heavenly Way

What a Word is this!

May every tongue proclaim

The Glory and the Name

What a Word is This!

Thursday, February 7, 2019



They came to have their needs met

Broken and wounded

And Jesus healed them

They came to ask Him questions

Doubting and deceitful

And Jesus gave them Answers

They came as little children

Needing affection and attention

And Jesus blessed them

One came a rich, young ruler

But something was lacking

And Jesus offered Himself

They came to serve Him only

Forsaking all to find all

And Jesus was their All in all 

All had needs but not all received

And until one receives they will never perceive

Grace opens the door, but faith must walk through

What is your choice--It is opened to you!


Thursday, September 7, 2017