Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Seated in Mercy

Seated in Mercy

The chair was inviting me with open arms

“Come, sit, rest here!  Give me all your pain and harms
I will hold you and comfort from fear’s alarms.”

My faith was so very small—
Would it hold me or would I fall?

My heart decided to give it a test
I truly needed the promised rest
It held me up! I felt so blessed!
The chair was solid—the very best!

With confidence growing…

I sit in the chair
Enjoying His care

I stand on the chair
Willing to dare

I stretch from the chair
Trying to share

His faithfulness proven
His hope glorious
His lovingkindness raising me
To reach high places of faith
Far beyond my wildest dreams

based on Phil. 1:6, I John 5:13, Matthew 9
Romans 3:24-25 (propitiation =mercy seat in Greek)

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