Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Master, Which Am I?

Matt. 26:47-56--Judas's story
He talks of the Way, the Truth, the Life
A Spiritual Kingdom that has no end
The things I see mean more to me
Thirty pieces of silver...
Small price to deliver
The Man who calls me "Friend"
 And I say, "Master, is it I?"

Matt. 26:36-46--John's story
He kneels to pray in the Garden
No companions travail with His soul
My spirit was willing, but flesh was weak
He said, "Watch and pray"
But I didn't obey...
Oh to try again
To be my Master's Friend

Matt. 26:69-75--Peter's story
He stands alone in Pilate's Hall
Crowned with thorns, a silent Lamb
I turn from Him--my comfort seek
Warmed by world's fire...
 Three times a liar
"I do not know the Man!"
My Master I deny

Matt.27:29-33-Simon's story
He stumbles up the Calvary Road
Bearing our sorrows, acquainted with grief
Compelled by others to carry His Load
I look at His face...
Accept this disgrace
My God became a servant
Master, make me Thine!

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