Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Grudge

I'd walked the walls of the city everyday for months
Each circuit the journey grew smaller
As the walls grew higher
I should know because I built them myself

It started with a brick of bitter feelings
Building layer upon layer of unforgiveness
Mortared by a self-pitying pout
My heart screamed suffering--My head a justice shout

At times I would peek out the peep holes
Pin pointing more of my painful past
Adding yet another blinding brick
The walls soared skyward, the foundation deep

I had become trapped inside with only me
The darkness pulling my soul farther down
No hope, no joy, no peace
Not able to go forward, stuck on replay

Now the only way to look was up
And there I saw the light of My Saviour's Cross!
He, too, had endured hardship, rejection, loss
In a still small voice Christ said to me:

"My Child, for every sin my blood I gave
During my suffering I freely forgave
And let this truth be understood
What others may mean for evil, My Father can work for good

It is hard to kick against the pricks
Of Your Gentle Shepherd's hand
Will you follow Me--I call your name--
Or yield to sin's demand?"

 Trusting the Father's purpose and plan
My mind finally came to comprehend
Each time I let bitterness have a place
I'm holding a grudge against His Grace

Epe. 4:31-32.

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  1. I've enjoyed reading your blog.... This poem is great. Thank you! I needed this after some recent events in our lives.