Saturday, January 24, 2015


Attention! About face! March!
John 14:15 and 15:14

My former life is left behind
Sharp orders my obedience demand
So I listen closely to each command

There are no civilians in this army!
I Tim. 2:3 Epe. 6:13-17

Comfort is passed-- I don my new clothes;
Thoughts on eternal, Covered in Right
Strengthened with Truth and walking in Light

Do your duty, Soldier!
I John 1:9. Is. 59

Searching my heart, confessing sin
Little things--like keeping clean feet
Can win the war or cause defeat

Get ready, Men, here they come!
I This. 3:3-4

Suff'ring and sorrow are seen all around
 Fiery darts whistle fearful sounds
But having done all to stand, I stand

On my command... Charge!
John 11:25-26 and 15:13

The soldier must give all--his very life!
So setting affections on Heaven above
I lay down my will to show Godly love

Keep the lines of communication open!
Phil. 4:6-7. Epe. 6:18

I look to my Saviour-put worry to rest
 Praying with passion in each battle test
Trusting the Captain for He knows best!

Raise the flag--We've taken the ground!
I John 5:4. Ps. 60:4, 11-12  Song Sol. 2:4

The Captain of Salvation brings sweet victory
 Triumphant faith marches over enemy territory
 While hope raises this banner--God's love for eternity!

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