Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Presents

Merry Christmas, Dear Jesus

I bring to you gold...
I Peter 1:7

I listen with an open heart
Finding faith the place to start
Confident in Your forgiving Love
I set my affection on things Above

I bring to you Frankincense...
 Psalm 141:2a Heb. 6:12 and 19

I admit I'm poor and weak
Your Way and Will is all I seek
Watching and prayer within the veil
Hope claims promises that never fail

I bring to You Myrrh
John 19:39-41

Just as you have died for me
"I" die so others Jesus will see
Laying aside all selfish pride
May Your Image on me abide

                      * * * * *

Dear Jesus, You bring Yourself
Is. 63:9

My gifts are only trifling things
Compared to you and what you bring
Glory and Honour, Strength and Gladness
Forever Friends in Your beautiful Palace

For I have only given what I have received...

 Your way fuels my faith
   Your truth grounds my hope
       Your life grows my love

Casting these Crowns before Your Throne
I rejoice in Your Presence

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