Friday, December 19, 2014

The Parable of the Blessings

At the Master's House I searched for blessings
A Stately Home with garden settings
Boldly I entered the tiny white gate,
Marched to the door-it was all so ornate!

I knocked...and waited...then knocked again...

My heart jumped to thoughts unkind--
He sent an invitation--did He change His mind?
I have knocked and waited--isn't He there?
And worse!--What if He doesn't care?

But then the Master opened the door

Wounded hands and thorn scarred face
Caused all my doubts and fears erase
With quiet voice His question would be:
"What wilt thou that I shall do unto thee?"

"Please, Sir, that Thou wouldst bless me indeed!"

"Dear Child, this would give me pure delight
But will you walk by faith--not sight?
Will you listen to all I suggest--
Letting Me lead you to quiet and rest?"

Shrinking from the heavy cost--knowing without Him all is lost!

My selfishness whined in prideful pain
A new King had come within to reign
"My sinful heart I thought I knew
But, Dear Jesus, I offer it to You."

"If you then are quite agreed, deny yourself and follow Me!"

We walked through His house--my heart filled with greed
The peace in this place would comfort my needs
Yet He did not stop here to grant my request
 But went to His garden--there I was impressed!

It was a beautiful, wide open space covered over with Amazing Grace!

 Rose bushes held a Heavenly scent
Benches to perch on when feeling spent
Blades of emerald tickled my feet
I dearly loved this peaceful retreat!

Blessings galore and still there were more!

 A fountain full to quench my thirst,
Vegetables to eat when hunger is worst
Trees filled with fruit and musical birds
The Saviour's kind and gentle words:

"As the Father hath loved me, so have I lived you..."

Coming to the Garden's edge
A woodpile with a common sledge
"Hold out your arms to receive the load"
He commands--but my brain explodes!

Didn't the Master remember I had asked for blessings?

Piling on poverty, pain and grief
Hunger and thirst with no relief
 Bearing weakness, suffering shame
 All because of His Dear Name

 With burden of wood I start to weep--this is not what I came for to seek!

The Master kindly looks at me
"One request I have for thee--
Take these sticks on down the way
A Person will direct the place they lay"

Pity parties are never fun. Turning away, mine had begun.

 Days turn to weeks and weeks to months
The "Armload of Blessings" an impossible task
My sore feet stumbled to the Master's House
On bent knees I stooped to ask:

"Sir, I asked for blessings-why do you have me carry these sticks?"

 Seeing me in deep distress
He hastened to His love express
"This weight was not for you alone
Please take it to the Person shown."

"Your answer will be clear as day if you trust Me and obey!"

I turned at once to do His bidding
 Leaning not to my own picking
As I took true faith's next step
All His promises were kept!

God's Own Spirit came to show me how and where to lay my load!

          And He keeps the Garden

Matt. 5:3-16.  Luke 11:5-13
The hymn "In the Garden"
A poem about the Christian Walk

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