Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Eye of the Beholder

To my Grandpa

You stood behind me watching
As I sat playing your upright piano
I cringed inside with each sour note
Feeling the glare of your disapproval

But my feelings were not truthful!

You really stood behind me smiling
Listening to the song of my youthful heart
Willing to guide my growth and depth
Enjoying the time around the music

* * * * *

Dear Sweet Jesus

You, too, stand watching me
Nothing I do is hid from Thee
My sin and guilt set my face aflame
My feelings cry out in deepest shame

Then You whisper my name!

Child, sing the song of Victory!
 My Cross and Blood have made you free!
You are so precious in my sight!
Your contrite heart is My Delight!

Ps. 51:17 and Isa. 57:15

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