Saturday, October 25, 2014

Jacob's Crown

I carried the blackness alone
Solitude is peaceful
Unless you hate yourself
Then it is lonely.

But I was not left that way

The Man of Sorrows approached
And we soon commenced to fight
We grappled--I with all my might
Until He touched the hollow of my thigh

Sharp the bittersweet pain!

And now I remember--
A ladder stretched from Earth to sky
A promise giv'n from God on High
"I am with thee, and will keep thee."

But was I willing to be for Him?

"Let me go, for the day breaketh"
I held Him fast and made my choice
 My father's God was now my own
"I will not let thee go--
                       Except thou bless me."

Seeking from Him what I could not earn

Each battle leaves different wounds
And some of them heal over time
A prince with God was born--
    But I walk with a limp

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