Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Baby Grand

God is so good!

     A week ago Sunday, as my husband was watching football, a friend of his sent him a text.  It told of a baby grand piano in our town that was being offered on Craig's list.  My husband is NOT tech savy so he had no idea how to send an e-mail in reply; however, his friend did send them our phone number.  By 9:00 that evening the couple who had listed the piano called back--and we missed the call!  At around midnight my husband was looking at his messages when he inadvertently dialed their number.  Doing all he could to stop it from going through, he tried to shut down his phone. Too late--the call went through enough for them to have heard. They called us right back.  My husband apologized over and over for calling so late.  They mentioned that they had still been up and that it was no problem.  They also set up an appointment for us to come see the piano at 9 a.m. the next morning.

     I was so excited.  The next morning I grabbed an arrangement of "Jesus Loves Me" and my book of Chopin Waltzes.  As I walked into the room, I noticed how beautiful the piano was.  Tiger maple! It didn't even have dust.  I sat on the bench and started playing "Jesus Loves Me".  It was so beautiful--I was almost crying!  I started playing Chopin's Waltz in Ab major.  I knew that this piano was for me!

    We asked what they were asking for the piano--It was FREE!  All we had to do was move it.  Correction, Bill had to move it!  He studied Google for the next few days, built a piano board, and moved the piano. He had it down to such a science that he was told he could start a business moving pianos!  I don't see that in his future--I think he has had about enough. It only took an hour and a half to get it from their house to set up in mine.

    What is so awesome about this?  About a year ago, I started praying for a baby grand piano. My new church did not have an acoustic piano and I was having trouble getting the synthesizer to "sing".  After I had been praying for awhile,  my husband found an upright for sale in Lewiston.  That piano is now at our church.  Since I had a piano at home and at church, I stopped praying.  God, however, did not stop working. At about the same time as I had originally started praying, this couple started to think about giving away their piano.  Just the time I needed to remember that God cares about all the details of our lives,  He worked this whole thing out! Every morning one of the first things I see is my great big love gift from my Heavenly Father.  The One who knows my needs and wants.The One who understands everything about me.  The One who loves so much, abundantly, greatly, and way beyond all that I could ask or think! 

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