Monday, June 28, 2010


After Eve ate of the fruit and gave to Adam, God came searching for them in the Garden. He addresses Adam first asking "Where art thou?" When we sin, we place ourselves at a distance from God--this question makes us realize how far away we have become. If we don't see the separation, our sin seems quite small. Sin is never a "little" thing.
After talking to Adam, God asks Eve a question: "What is this that thou hast done?" Do you hear the anguish in his tone? I always thought he was accusing her, an angry God scolding a stupid decision; however, it may be that God was seeing all the hurt that this sin would cause. His heart must have been breaking over the horrible pain that mankind would go through and the terrible price his Son would pay to buy them back.
What should my reaction be to a sin that my child has commited?
  1. Show them the separation-this is the rule and it is broken
  2. Show them the pain it causes my heart-the broken fellowship
  3. God provided a way for the fellowship to be healed--never let them feel that the sin caused me to stop loving them.
  4. Show them how to make better decisions in the future.

What should my reaction be to God as he asks me this question?

  1. Admit my guilt
  2. Agree with God about how wrong my sin truly is
  3. Change my conduct so that our fellowship will be healed
  4. Search the Scriptures to find better ways to make decisions-seek wisdom
  5. Allow my heart to feel the hurt in God's voice as he seeks me--his love is so abundant

If we ever knew how much God loved us, we would never chose to be disobedient. We would always be on the look out for temptation and try to avoid it.

Dear Father, Help me to hear the love in your voice as you ask me the question: What is this that thou hast done? Help me to immediately answer with humility. Help me to react in love to those who have wronged me. Amen

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