Monday, April 14, 2014

The Hypocrite and The Handmaiden

Proudly parading her leading part
A mask of perfection over her heart
Each act ends in shouts and cheers
But nothing calms her inward fears

Pretending is a delicate art
The stress of performance tears her apart
 Tho' carefully reciting the written Script
 Focused on self, she promptly trips

Her broken pieces lay scattered about
" I'm a failure!" Her soul's loud shout
"Even though I know I tried
I wish I had a place to hide!"

The Play's Director came to her side
And quietly listened as she cried
Not with contempt at her disgrace
But with love that cries along--and waits

"I will give the strength you need
Not your acting--trust My lead
Daughter, faith will help you see
All you want is found in Me!"

She no longer pretends or wears a mask
But accepts His grace for all she lacks
Gladly emptied of self-serving goals
For knowing Christ has made her whole

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