Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Invitation

It came in leather binding...
   With golden letters...
      And a red ribbon...

To Whosoever Will,

I have prepared a table for you
 A quiet place for just us two

 A time to cast on me your burden
 Finding that my love is certain

 I want to take sin's brokenness
 And give to you my perfect rest

 Share with Me and all My goals
Helping others and loving souls

 Your daily needs I will supply
 I lean in to listen to every cry

 Please come--
Praying in humility
 Seeking with sincerity
 Confessing your iniquity

 With Everlasting Love,
 Your Heavenly Father,
 The King of Kings

I read the request...
 Closed the binding...
   And walked away...

How I wish I had taken time to pray!

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