Monday, March 10, 2014

The True Tale of the Tiny Acorn

My single finger curls tightly
Hanging onto the end of a limb
If I can only hold myself up--
Clinging to what has been

"Lovest thou Me more than these?"
A quiet question on gentle breeze
My brown beret slid over my face
As I hid amongst the leaves

Softly a whisper--or maybe a sigh
"To fall on Me is the true path high"
But the blue ceiling seems closer
Than the rough and dirty floor.

Suspended from this stick I stay
And can't go up and won't go down
The sky at once began to frown
And then to cry on all around

The howling storm reveals this plight
My self-made struggle to hang on tight
Needs surrender to reach new height
To walk by faith in my Saviour's might

Yielding completely to God's own will
I close my eyes while time stands still
Trusting Him--releasing all
What is this?--a head long fall!

The brutal impact shook my soul
To reach higher had been my goal
Where is God when life gets tough?
Why struggle--it gets so rough!

Now I lay broken and shivering
In the Shadow Valley of Death
I grab some leaves and clods of earth
And pull them up over my head

"You are chosen to bring forth fruit!
Drink Living Water and send out root
All your weakness I will strengthen
My promise sure--your strong Foundation."

I stretched myself and found some toes!
I'd never before had any of those!
Squirming and wiggling through the dirt
New sensations--some of them hurt!

Once again self vainly tried
How did I have so much pride?
I turned to Jesus, "Lord, I thirst"
His answer: "Always seek Me first"

"The Living Water I freely give
Springs of joy that help you live"
Love washed all my doubts away
He's proven true-naught will sway!

Planted by His River cool
Dying to Self to let Him rule
Satisfied with His Direction
My life is up to His selection

The warming sunlight of His smile
Teaches patience in each new trial
Shedding the shell of former things
My spirit reaches up and in me sings!

I open my eyes to miracles unfolding
Too much love for me to be holding
Rising up to burst through sod
Giving praise to Almighty God

His Faithful Word a sturdy core
Tree trunk strong-I hunger more
Not performing or playing a part
Serving with peace and joy in my heart

My hair is full of nesting birds
Who sing their music without words
Digging deeper, stronger roots
Branches stretching bearing fruit

Every day He gives new grace
Seeing acceptance upon His face
His gentlenesss has raised me brave
Growing higher from my grave

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