Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Stoning

The Stoning

She had done wrong and she’d been caught
We gathered stones as we’d been taught
A pitiful failure that fell in the dust
She was the wicked.
 We were the just.

The Master from Galilee was standing nearby
Some of our sort had a question to try:
“What sayest Thou?” Voices dripping with scorn
“She deserves this fate.”
And their hate is born.

He wrote words of truth and love in the sand.
I saw righteousness and hope in his hands
He offered her peace and joy and grace,
She turned to accept and I saw her face—

She was me!

It is my heart that was sentenced to die,
I throw rocks at myself with each trusted lie.
My sin was erased by His holy blood
 I praise His Name for this saving Flood

I let my stone drop in the dirt
This time I would release the hurt
And as I turned to walk away
I heard the Saviour kindly say,
“Neither do I condemn thee go and sin no more.”


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